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The Republic of Yemen is situated in the southern west corner of the Arabian Peninsula. Saudi Arabia borders it in the north, Arab Sea and the Indian Ocean in the south, Sultanate Oman from east, and Red Sea from west. Whilst not a traditional travelling spot for modern globetrotters, Yemen offers an wealth of cultural and historical sites for all. These include Wadi Dhar, particularly famous for its rock palace, and Al-Raudha which is particularly well known for its clay houses in rural areas as well as delightful vineyards. The fortress town of Thula, as well as the village of Hababah, is home to impressive stone architecture. For smaller town adventures, you can also take a trip to fishing villages on the outskirts of the country or even a trip to Sanaa.

Areas worth visiting that can be easily accessed by car include the Haraz Mountains and Jabal Bura (which is a protected area and the last tropical forest in Arabia) are some of the particular scenic highlights. For history buffs, the Al Qahera Castle is another particular highlight. Mountains in other regions as Al Mahweet, Kawkaban, Shahara and Ibb offer great opportunities for trekking. Some other spectacular historical landmarks include four World Heritage Sites. The Old Walled City of Shibam in Wadi Hadhramaut is nicknamed the "Manhattan of the Desert" because of its "skyscrapers." The Old City of Sana’a is a major Islamic center, and Zabid is considered a center of learning for the whole Arab and Islamic world (algebra is thought to have been invented there.) Lastly, the breathtaking Socotra Archipelago is another must-see on any visitors’ travel itinerary.

Island visits also make for a pleasant breather from the mainland. A visit to Soqotra island will provide you with a fresh insight into the area’s culture, as it is home to some of the most diverse and fascinating wildlife in the country.

Cities in Yemen