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One of the most pleasurable things to do in the United States is to drive through it. Petrol is reasonably cheap and with exception to the city centres, the wider than wide roads are free from congestion, and over every horizon lies a striking new landscape. It’s an explorer’s playground, from sprawling metropolis to isolated desert and snow-capped mountains to trend-setting beaches. With a population of around 304 million, and 48 states (50 including glacial Alaska and volcanic Hawaii), you’ll certainly need some time to get a taste of this land of extreme diversity.

Year round, you won’t be short of public celebrations. Among the best are the St Patrick’s Day parades held in most cities across the country, the sensational dancing during the Red Earth Native American Festival held in Oklahoma, and of course the 4th July Independence Day firework celebrations held from coast to coast. Christmas and New Year is a favourite for shoppers, art lovers and party revellers who flock to New York. And for a taste of the finest blues and country music, drive through the deep south, not missing Memphis for a visit to Elvis’s Graceland.

Taking to the tarmac of California’s eerie Death Valley makes for truly spiritual driving country. The granite-studded Yosemite National Park and natural geysers of Yellowstone National Park will leave nature-lovers more than satisfied, though the most awesome natural wonder has to be Arizona’s otherworldly Grand Canyon. Carved through its 5000ft-deep centre by the Colorado River, the ever-changing colours and contours of its sand and limestone cavities leaves all who visit humbled.
Stylish San Francisco, where multicultural cuisine is always on the menu, is bordered by verdant hills. Sail on its exquisite harbour and take a trip so Alcatraz for a taste of real criminal history.

Further north, fit your car inside some of Redwood National Park’s towering trees, or head back down south on the stunning Pacific Coast Highway for priceless ocean views. Hollywood will soon beckon from sparkling Los Angeles where you can celebrity-spot to your heart’s content. Finally hit iconic Route 66 from LA to Chicago and you’ll really feel you’ve conquered some of the best driving in the world.

Weather varies drastically from region to region, but spring is divine for driving across the wild flower-blanketed deserts. For Autumn wonders, head to New England where the foliage is ablaze with burnt oranges and deep reds. In winter, you can tackle the thick snow of the Rocky Mountains for unrivalled skiing, or head south to Florida where it is still warm enough to bask on the sensational powder-white sands of Tampa Bay. And of course, whilst in Florida, children (and adults) can’t miss excitement-capital Disneyworld in Orlando.

Whether it be the iconic skyscrapers of the country’s cities, the eerie desolation of the deserts or the trendsetting roller-bladers on the hip western beaches, North America has something for everyone.

Remember you need to be aged 25 or over to hire a car in the United States.

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