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Ukraine is situated in the south-eastern part of Central Europe and borders Russia, Belarussia, Moldova, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary and Poland on land and Russia, Georgia, Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey on sea. Thus the literal meaning of the name ‘borderland’ is not surprising. A nation comprised of many different cultures, the dominant is Slavic and famous exports include the legendary musician, Tchaikovsky. A visit here is also a great way to explore these countries close at hand – which will be simplified by hiring a car.

Whilst Ukrainian is the official language, Russian is widely spoken. Cities like the capital Kiev have a lot to offer in terms of amenities and activities, as well as nightlife and eateries. Byzantine mosaics line the capital’s St Sophia’s Cathedral – just one of the highlights of any trip here. Traditional food should be sampled whilst on a trip here – a heavy cuisine, it is very particular to this part of the world.

Lviv is home to the impressive Lychakivskiy Cemetery dating back to 1787. Many well-known Ukrainians have been buried here. It was named a historical monument in 1975 and damaged areas have since been restored. The Old Town area is also particularly enchanting with sites including the Ploscha Rynock Market Square, cathedrals, St. Yura Church, Boim Chapel and Dominican Abbey. Odessa is another great visit and ideal for walkers – you can easily amble along Primoskjj Boulevard, the impressive Palace and stunning gorge areas. Driving in the country will afford you access to some of the more remote parts, and the Ukrainians are safe drivers. The roads are also well maintained and the M14 road between Brest and Kovel crosses just southeast of the Belarussian village of Makrany.

Cities in Ukraine