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A fascinating country full of contrasts, the United Kingdom offers a wealth of cultures and landscapes to explore which are easily accessible by car. England is the largest country in the Kingdom with its capital, London, the largest city in Europe. London is one of the top major international cities in the world – home to traditional points of interest such as Kensington Palace, to fantastic shopping, to a wealth of art, music and other culture. A melting pot of cultures, it is considered by many to be one of the best places to live in Europe. Further afield, other city highlights include Manchester and Newcastle in the northern part of the country, which are also excellent for nightlife.

To the north of England is Scotland, which has some of the most stunning and unspoilt scenery in Western Europe. The islands in the north provide for a real slice of the last outposts, whilst the capital city Edinburgh is a cosmopolitan art-orientated city with the central Castle proving a stunning focal point in the centre.

Wales, to the West of England, is altogether more low key than its neighbour. It has spectacular landscapes which include three National Parks and Five areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Wales is different from other parts of Britain and only from Heathrow Airport. With four hundred castles, yet only one official motorway, you have to take things at a gentle pace. Driving in the UK is easy and the roads are well-maintained although there is congestion in London on a regular basis so travellers should check the local guides before embarking on extended tours

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