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Located in North Africa and along the Mediterranean coast, Tunisia is home to golden beaches and a deep blue sea. As such, you can expect to enjoy some of the finest examples of beach resorts in Europe on your visit here. These include Sousse, Monastir, Hammamet and Nabeul. During the peak summer season, several festivals are held in these areas held nearby invite you join in with your Tunisian hosts to celebrate Father Neptune, share their local folklore, enjoy a concert or just have fun.

The capital, Tunis, is quickly establishing itself as a modern capital city – but there are still many reminders of previous Ottoman and colonial rule in the city all around. In the south of the country, the Sahara stretches deep into Africa and the indigenous Berbers are a strong presence in the area – which makes it particularly fascinating. The tourist industry is one of the main drives in the economy. As such, you will find that there is a vast array of amenities on offer – both in Tunis and further afield.

Must-sees for any visitor to Tunisia include museum of Carthage, the Phoenician colony, as well as the many impressive Roman ruins including Dougga. Djerba is situated in the southern part of the country and is a haven for sun-seekers. One from the best ecological destinations in the World, this island preserves its traditions and its unique architectural theme. In terms of driving, Tunisian highways are very similar to Europe and have a dual carriageway : A-1 runs from Tunis south heading to Sfax as well as an A-2 that runs from Tunis north heading to Bizerte. However, driving in Tunis is markedly different from the rest of the country and little heed is paid to traffic laws.

Cities in Tunisia