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Despite its small size, Switzerland has an over abundance of attractions that are sure to keep any visitor here fully occupied. With the central Alps extending from the east of France to the West of Germany, as well as being bordered by Italy in the South, Switzerland is a cultural melting pot. This is reflected in its multitude of languages as well as its landscape. In the North of the Alps the lowland area is home to several beautiful lakes as well as the city of Basel and the river Rhein. The Matterhorn in Zermatt is the most famous of the peaks and a sure fire visit for any tourist. Similarly, the countryside of the Bernese Oberland is equally appealing with its enchanting lakes and impressive mountains.
Aside from the majestic natural scenery, Lucerne is another must for your to-do list. Often considered to be the true Swiss ‘capital’, it is a beautiful, quant town close to the Reuss River on the western edge of the Lake Lucerne. In the South of the country, Italian influence dominates in Ticino – which can seem like a polar environment from the above. Particularly striking examples of this are Lugano and Locarno, which both have a more Mediterranean feel. In the east of the country is the isolated mountain valley area of Graubunden, which provides winter sports in luxury resort establishments including St. Moritz and Davoc. To the west is the sumptuous Lake Geneva, which is lined on its shore by cities including Geneva, Montreux and Lausanne. Geneva makes up the majority of the French-speaking contingent in the whole of Switzerland.
Zurich is the most populous city in the country, and is famous for its financial institutions as well a strong and liberal arts scene. Visits to this part of the country in a car are particularly easy to negotiate and the Swiss maintain a strong road network throughout the country

Cities in Switzerland