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Home to cultural legacies from the Vikings to the Nobel Peace prize to Abba, Sweden also has a reputation for scenic beauty which ranges from forests to island landscapes. Stockholm, the country’s capital, is a thriving metropolis which retains its historical charm in areas including Gamla Stan (The Old Town). Additionally, you should be sure to check out the Royal Palace which was built in the eighteenth century and is still a residence of the Swedish King. A highlight of a trip to Goteborg (Gothenburg) will likely take any visitor to Liseberg, which is one o the biggest in Nordic countries. In Malmo, a must-see is City Hall and Stortorget area, where you can take in what are known as The Optimistic Orchestra – a group of bronze statues. Aside from these individual quirks, the major cities are also all home to some of the most forward thinking nightlife and world-class restaurants in Western Europe.
Until 1967, traffic in Sweden drove on the left. In 1967, however, this was changed and traffic all across the country was directed over to the right side of the road. The roads in the country are generally quiet and you will find a lot of largely deserted roads to explore or get your speed up as you look over the breathtaking scenery. Swedish drivers are also very courteous and roads in the country are generally very well-maintained. Rural roads may have some bumps and pits, especially in winter, and forest roads in more remote areas are likely to be unsurfaced (known as "Grusvägar"). Driving is an excellent way to see the local wildlife and during your travels you may spot moose, reindeer, deer, hares and red squirrels on the way to a cosy log cabin retreat.

Cities in Sweden