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Suriname is a cultural melting pot that is extremely inviting, and lesser explored, part of South America. With influences ranging from East Indian, to Afro-Surinamese, this fantastic blend has served to create some excellent cultural alternatives to the norm. Some of the most interesting places for tourists to visit include the old plantations, which are constructed in French, Portuguese and Jewish-Dutch style – and are vivid reminders of the history of this amazing country. The scenery and abundance of natural beauty, in the form of wild animals and flowers, is similarly breathtaking.

Paramaribo, Suriname’s capital city, has a long history. Indeed, its old town area is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. One of the most significant buildings is the wooden Cathedral which is off-set by the stunning mosques, temples and synagogues you can see for miles around. One particular highlight of a visit to the city must include visiting the Waterfront area, where you can observe the Suriname River as you take a drink in one of the local bars. The Palm Garden, which is situated close to the Presidential Palace, is another sure fire hit for tourists. From Nickerie and Paramaribo, you can even enjoy boat trips along the Corantijn and Coppename Rivers as well as the Saramacca Rivers, which will take you right into the heart of Western Suriname. Alternatively, driving out from the capital, you’ll be amazed at the wonderful views on display. Another must-see is Nieuw Amsterdam, which is home to a fantastic open air museum and is a great alternative trip from the capital. There are also a lot of opportunities for trekking and hiking in this scenery – even to the top of Mount Kasikasima. Jodensavanna, which was originally a Jewish settlement in the seventeenth century, has a synagogue that is both unusual for this part of the world and well worth exploring.

Cities in Suriname