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It may be the land of unlimited sunshine, endless beaches, and flowing Sangria, but these elements only touch the surface of the Brits’ favourite short-hop destination.
Eclecticism is in Spain’s DNA.  The cool north is an antithesis of the blistering south with mountain ranges crosshatching the terrain.  Drivers stretch their legs in summer to enjoy the medieval village-packed north-western Pyrenees, whilst those in search of winter adrenaline head for Sierra Nevada in the south.  One can spend mornings meandering through the labyrinthine corridors of imposing castles, silent monasteries and World Heritage sites, afternoons cheering for some of the world’s greatest footballers, and nights vibrating to the beat of internationally-acclaimed nightclubs.  

Energetic Madrid is Spain’s own 24-hour metropolis.  But the capital is also grandiose, studded with grand palaces, and on the majestic tree-lined boulevard of Paseo del Prado, world-class art is encased within world-famous museums, including the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum with over seven centuries of priceless artwork.  
Spain takes its art seriously, as native geniuses Picasso and Dali attest.  The studious will contemplate the country’s superb art gallery exhibits, but even the indifferent will stand captivated outside Bilbao’s Guggenheim Museum – described by novelist Manuel Vazquez Montalban as a ‘meteorite’.  

Seville’s wild atmosphere smoulders with bullfighting, flamenco bars and celebratory festivals.  The birthplace of the mythical Don Juan, Seville, is also the birthplace of the tapas bar, and it has more than one thousand to prove it.  Follow the locals on a tapas-crawl through the city; they’ll be happy to show you how it’s done.  
Most come to see upmarket Barcelona, a short-haul favourite, because of its phenomenal Gothic cathedral and Art Nouveau architecture of the Gaudi monuments, but it is also famous for its excellent cuisine.  As Europe’s largest producer, saffron is ubiquitous in Spain’s menus; the staple ingredient of the national dish, paella.  Visitors also enjoy the delicious Spanish-cured hams and succulent cheese-based dishes baked in superior-grade olive oil.

Offshore, hedonistic revellers head to the bustling Costas, the islands of Ibiza and Majorca, and the more laid-back to Menorca.  The Balearic Islands, boast the clearest of turquoise waters and thrilling watersports.  In the Canary Islands, international windsurfers flock to compete in the waters of lava-encrusted Lanzarote, as sizzling sunbathers carpet the beaches of Tenerife whilst they gaze up at snow-tipped Mount Teide.  

Still using its four official languages and retaining its traditional siestas (and fiestas), Spain is as multifaceted as Europe gets.

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