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Although small, Slovenia could be described as perfectly formed. An independent country which borders Italy, Austria and Croatia, Slovenia’s charm is growing amongst international travellers. The Slovenes themselves are some of the most charming hosts in the whole of Europe, and with the multilingual culture – as a result of its borders - you are sure to feel at home during your stay here.

The small but imposing capital, Ljubljana, is a charming city with a wealth of historical places of interest. The castle is the major focal point, and should certainly be visited during a stay here. The Old Town area, which includes places such as Fish Square, is another charming part of the city and well worth visiting. Outside of Ljubljana, the stunning surrounding landscape is home to diversions including Bohinj, which is a glacial lake in the South Western region. Here, there are a lot of opportunities to be active – from kayaking and mountain biking, to climbing the Triglav. Koper, a port on the coast, is another great attraction which includes sites such as the Praetorian Palace which was built in the 15th century, the Cathedral of the Assumption and more quirky cobblestone streets for wandering around.

One of the most spectacular drives you will encounter on a trip to Slovenia is the Vsric Pass which is the highest elevated road in the whole country. It offers majestic views of the upper Sava Dolinska valley and stretches around Kranska Gora to the Soca Valley, so make sure you include this route on your driving itinerary. Slovenian cuisine is heavily influenced by these that of its neighbours, and it is necessary to leave room for a treat or three on your visit here.

Cities in Slovenia