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Slovakia, a fascinating and beguiling country, was declared independent in 1993 after it was split from the Czech Republic. Located in central Europe, this excellent location means that you can easily drive to other countries during an extended tour of this part of the world.

The capital is Bratislava and the communist influence is still strongly apparent in the design and appearance of the city. The historic old town area is a ‘must-see’ on a visit to the city, from which you can take in stunning views of the Cathedral and the charming cobblestone streets. You can also take a leisurely stroll around the Danube. Simply by walking around the city, you will come to appreciate the individuality of Slovak culture. Devin Castle is another exceptional highlight, and perfect for families – you can even enjoy pony rides as part of your tour here. In the eastern part of Slovakia lies the country’s second largest city, Kosice. This offers another glimpse into the ancient lifestyle of the people. Traditionally a keystone for trade from Italy, Germany and Holland it has now blossomed into a tourist hub in itself. Some recommended sites include the Gothic Cathedral of St Elizabeth. It is also well worth checking out some of the theatrical performances here, as they are some of the best in the whole of Slovakia.

For nature lovers, there is a lot more to be seen in Slovakia. Recommended pursuits include skiing on the beautiful Carpathian mountains, the highest peak of which is the Tatras. Recommended areas for hiking include Koliba, which is a forested hilltop area and within easy driving access from Bratislava. Be sure to leave some room to try some traditional Slovak fare, of which dishes concentrate on the humble potato!

Cities in Slovakia