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Serbia’s past is a rich and mysterious jigsaw that has enchanted visitors for decades. With its exciting mountain ranges and beautiful scenery, there is an abundance of spectacular rivers and valleys to explore, which will be made all the more easily accessible by hiring a car. Belgrade, the capital, is a bustling city centre which gives way to the beautiful valleys – and some spectacular scenic drives. You can also follow some particularly good trails, including the Romanesque Routes of European Heritage which are just breathtaking and also connect Serbia more distinctly with contemporary Europe. With eight historical sites placed on UNESCO’s world heritage list, you will be thrilled to see what is on offer on a journey to this country.

The craftsmanship apparent in the beautiful Moravian churches and monasteries is one of the highlights of any visit to the country, and will provide you with a lasting image to take home forever. The Square of the Republic, situated in the centre of the city, is one of the most enduring landmarks in Belgrade and certainly worth a visit. The National Theatre and Ethnographic Museum are some other key attractions, and the Kalemegdan Fort provides for another fascinating attraction. Most Serbians speak English, and the capital is a thriving metropolis that serves as a great point of exploration between Central and Eastern Europe. The strong literary heritage apparent in the culture is another driving forces behind it.

Pristina and Novi Sad, other key cities in the country, are fascinating areas for visitors. The Granacica Museum is a particularly moving, stark reminder of the past of this country and Kosovo. The many National Parks in the country provide for some truly breathtaking scenery for visitors, and these include Tara and Fruska Gora – both of which give you a chance to absorb the truly stunning landscape of the Serbian countryside.

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