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Saudi Arabia

Situated in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia is a popular tourist destination in this area and with its contrasting cultures and vibrant history, it is easy to see why. With boundaries on the Red Sea and Persian Gulf, almost ninety percent of the country is covered by desert.
Wealthy due to its natural resources, it is an exciting place to vacation at any time of year. Of the many popular areas in the country, the best visited is Riyadh. Formerly a provincial town, it blossomed during the twentieth century and is now a metropolis with all the amenities visitors can expect from a major world city. The Masmak Castle, which is in the centre, is one of the best places for tourists to visit and gives an insight into this great culture. You can also visit the Al Faisaliyah Centre, which is the second tallest in Saudi Arabia. Al-Balad in Jeddah is a bustling souq area, with a good balance of indoor and outdoor souq – a great introduction to this aspect of Saudi culture.

Because of its Muslim culture, visitors should adhere to some of the guidelines this puts in place during their visit. Hiring a car will give you a degree of freedom to explore this vast and mysterious land. From Riyadh, it is advisable to try visiting the holy place of Mecca, which is a pilgrimage site for Muslims and fascinating to behold. Because of the holy nature of the city, only Muslims are allowed to reside in it. Dammam is another well worn place of interest in the country, and is the capital of the Eastern province. Ta’if is another highlight – and particularly well renowned for its agricultural produce including its honey. The natural park, Al Rudalf, is also certainly worth a visit for nature lovers. There, you can find some of the most beautiful landscapes in the whole country.

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