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A vast and mysterious country that has enchanted the world’s tourist population, both because of its turbulent past and stunning beauty, Russia is sure to provide you with something to remember forever. With a reputation for wealth, as well as crime, Russia has something of a glamorous allure amongst world travellers, and is notoriously difficult to gain access to. That being said, it is well worth the effort as, in visiting Russia, you will be visiting a truly unique slice of the world. The Russian people – for the most part, exceptionally refined, charming and slightly quaint – really make the journey here worth your while.

Most visitors will first try the cities including the capital Moscow, St. Petersburg and Murmansk. Moscow is a hubbub of cultural fare – from the jaw-dropping Kremlin, which is home to Lenin’s mausoleum; you are bound to find something to enchant you. Indeed, simply walking around the city is itself a treat, with buildings that look like Christmas cake decorations dominating the landscape. It is also home to Russia’s most vibrant party scene, and there is a strong alternative clubbing and music scene that is sure to keep you entertained. Be sure to check out the outstanding National Art Gallery, which is home to some great and regularly changing exhibitions that give another insight into this beautiful country.

Outside of the city, you can easily access St. Petersburg by car. Indeed, hiring a car during your visit will make it possible to avoid the sometimes difficult transport system. That being said, the metro in Moscow is a tourist attraction in itself – elegantly designed and with huge arches throughout, you will see beautifully dressed locals in fur coats wandering through in the winter. St. Petersburg is a wonderful treasure trove of Russian history, and from here you can take in delightful Lake Baikal as well as visiting the sandy beaches of old resort during the days of Prussian dominance such as Zelenogradsk. St. Petersburg also has a strong bohemian flavour which is reflected in the wonderful alternative parties and art shows that regularly occur in the city.

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