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Romania has had a tumultuous history which is encapsulated in its buzzing culture which, although perhaps less popular than traditional tourist destinations in other parts of Europe, has proved to be one of the most impressive in this area of Europe. Its post World War Two history is one of the most varied and interesting, and the new constitution, which was established in 1991, has given Romanians a previously unprecedented amount of freedom of speech. There are many indications of Romania’s fascinating past that can be absorbed simply by walking or driving around. It will also provide a good starting point for a dive into other parts of Europe, with its neighbour, Moldova, being a great place to visit and one of the most absorbing cultures in this part of the world.

Horse drawn buggies are frequent sights around the many cities and are just one of the details which make a trip to Romania quite captivating. From the Saxon towns like Sighişoara, you will find a real indication of the sometimes macabre past of this country. The capital is Bucharest and the Old Town is a fascinating insight into the ancient culture and customs of the country. Home to some impressive communist style monuments and hidden cathedrals, there are some excellent opportunities for hiking and biking close to the city. There are also some of the most impressive historical monuments in the whole of the country to be seen here. The Antim monastery is well worth checking out.

There are also some particularly good examples of traditional-style village life to be seen in Maramures and Southern Bucovina. Here, you will find that the peasant culture is still an inherent part of the culture, with ancient wooden churches, costumes and festivals just some of the things that can be taken in.

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