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Qatar is an Arab country, and one of the most fascinating places to visit in that part of the world. Qataris are descended from a number of migratory tribes that came to Qatar in the 18th century from the neighbouring areas of Nejd and Al-Hasa. As such, the country is steeped in rich cultural heritage that is fascinating for visitors from all over the world.

Doha is a vibrant capital that is growing quickly. The West Bay area is one of the most exciting districts for nightlife and things to do. Shopping is also a major draw here, and there are some exceptional quality centres located around the city. The seafront area is one of the major attractions. It is believed to have been settled in the late nineteenth century, and was bombed by the British. Fascinating tourist attractions include many old forts such as Al Koot, but tourism is Qatar is not restricted to history. There is also plenty of family fun to be had with pursuits such as camel racing and blokarting. The Souk areas, which are almost Indian style, are some of the most interesting places for visitors. The stunning Rumeila Park is another great recreational area for visitors.

The Khor Al Udeid Beach is also a stunning attraction that provides relaxation for visitors from all over the world. Hiring a car will make negotiating this area of Qatar particularly straightforward. While some of the other cities have an industrial edge to them, there are a number of other places that are well worth visiting as a tourist, and hiring a car will ensure that you have the optimum time to take in the scenic countryside. Be sure to try some of the exceptional quality cuisine on offer in Qatar, which generally includes a good deal of seafood. Particular highlights include crab, shrimp and red snapper.

Cities in Qatar