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Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a collision of cultures that is a wonderful places for holidaying – whether you are interested in relaxing in the sun or exploring some of the fascinating aspects of Puerto Rican history, there is something for everyone in this wonderful country and hiring a car here is sure to enhance your experience. Its population of four million are some of the most welcoming and fun-loving you will experience in this part of the world.

Given its status as a semi-autonomous territory, there is a marvellous range of experiences on offer in this country – although this cultural mish mash can prove confusing. History buffs are sure to soak up the fascinating insight into culture provided by the Spanish buildings – aside from enjoying the wonderful leisure amenities, which offer all kinds of exciting pursuits from casinos to shows. You can also explore the stunning mountain scenery and delightful sandy beaches which are again highlights of this wonderful lifestyle.

Aside from United States influences, the island also boasts Caribbean and Latin influences – which result in a heady blend that will sure give you a rush of blood to the head – in a good way! It is also well placed for exploring some of the other islands in the vicinity, including the Isla Mona, Isla Culebra and Isla Vieques. El Morro, the ancient fort, is also well worth a visit and provides for a fascinating insight into ancient Puerto Rican culture. In Viejo San Juan, you'll find one of the oldest and best preserved colonial cities in the Americas. On the south coast, Ponce is another highlight and combines a vibrant atmosphere with some excellent cultural hotspots. You can even enjoy a tour of the Bacardi brewery and visit one of the most well known alcohol brands in the whole world.