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Paraguay is a charming country that is as rich in contrasts as it is in history. With its gorgeous natural landscapes and the cheapest capital city in the world, Asuncion, a trip to Paraguay is guaranteed to enlighten you – but without breaking the bank. Originally a town colonized by the Spanish, Asuncion has blossomed into a modern metropolis and has the energy and vibrancy you would expect from a modern capital city. The country still bears the remnants of the past invasion by Spanish forces, and as a result the culture boasts both Spanish and Indian descent, the influences of which extend through to their food and customs. Indeed, during the colonial period Paraguay covered much of northern Argentina and western Brazil. Paraguayans themselves are incredibly friendly and welcoming – ensuring that during a stay here, you likely will not want to leave!

Of the many interesting attractions in Paraguay, the Casa de Independencia is one of the oldest and more enduring. Most of colonial Asuncion was destroyed in the 19th century and this particular house was where the Museum is located nowadays was built in the eighteenth century by the Spanish settler Antonio Martínez Sáenz. The walls were constructed with adobe; with thatched roof and its framework was made of bamboo and palm wood. In 1811, precisely in the night of the May 14, a group of brave Paraguayans came out of this house to declare the independence of Paraguay. Similarly, the Catedral Metropolitana, which Asunción's main cathedral, was built in the nineteenth century and is another fascinating insight into the city’s past. Other attractions close to the city include the Iguazu falls, north of the City the Itaipu Hydroelectric Power Dam and to the south is Paraguay's highest waterfall, the Salto Monday.

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