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The Republic of Panama is located in Central America, and is on the border of countries including Costa Rica and Colombia. As such, it makes the perfect starting point for an extended tour of the Southern Americas – as well as being a terrific tourist attraction in its own right. It was first reached by the Spanish in the sixteenth century, it has proved a fascinating tourist attraction for decades now – but usually those who are interested in going more off the ‘beaten track’ than is average. It escapes some of the more crowded areas of interest, as are common in places like Costa Rica and Guatemala. Panama is still friendly to those of all tastes, and you will find a wide variety of things to keep yourself amused during a visit here. From beaches to forest trails – there is something for everyone in Panama.

Panama City is wonderfully multicultural and has a great energy that transmits to everyone who visits it. There are some fantastic beach bars, resort hotels and hotels offering all the amenities one would expect from this fascinating country. There is also an active arts scene, including the Martin Theatre which is located in the Downtown area. From the city, you are well placed to explore the surrounding country.

One of the most fascinating areas is the Archipiélago de las Perlas, but there are many other areas of outstanding natural beauty in the country that are worth exploring. Parque Nacional Volcán Barú is home to the only volcano in Panama – and is in itself an outstanding area of natural beauty. The many other stunning natural parks are perfect for exploring in a car – and can be readily accessed this way. Mountain towns, such as Boquete, offer some truly alternative tourist haunts – and tourists can expect to enjoy some of the wonderful benefits of this part of the world.

Cities in Panama