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Namibia is a wonderful and lesser explored country that is vibrant and inviting for tourists. Namibia’s far north region, which is between the Etosha National Park and the Angolan border – is a captivating part of the country and is a fascinating place to explore. Because of the landscape, it is most advantageous to approach this part of the country via car. The northern part of the country is less developed for tourism and most of the people live in traditional huts connected by a system of passages. The nature of this part of the country makes it particularly important to hire a car.

Windhoek, the capital, is the best example of everyday Namibia and is a great place to relax and enjoy a beer, which is a popular activity around the town. The traces and the influence of German colonial times and later on South African mandatory rule are in evidence everywhere in the capital: here the equestrian monument, the Tintenpalast and the railway station, there the town hall and municipal offices built in the sixties, the post office and the bombproof complex of the national broadcasting company. Among the latest additions are the imposing Supreme Court and statues of leaders of the liberation struggle against decades of oppression by South Africa’s apartheid regime.

Travelling through Ovambo will enable you to come across small craft projects. Some of the best ones are the Tulongeni Craft Market and the Pottery making areas. Other stellar attractions include the King Nehale Gate which is near to the waterhole called Andoni and inside the Etosha National Park in 2003. The history of Namibia’s culture up until modern times is well reflected in the nation’s art. A permanent exhibit and changing exhibitions in the National Gallery or the Omba Gallery give a general idea of the work of Namibian artists. Most interesting for history buffs are the Alte Feste, the National Museum and the Owela Museum.

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