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Mexico is a wonderful and enchanting country that has proved popular for backpackers and other holiday makers for generations. With so much to see in this vibrant, warm part of the world you will be hard pressed to narrow it down. Hiring a car here will ensure that you make the most of your stay and enjoy a relaxing holiday. The country is privy to a two-thousand seven-hundred year history and as such, there is a great deal to explore in this marvellous country, which is also home to a very big tourist industry segment. After the Spanish domination of the country, it is now independent and a peaceful regime was fully instated in the year 2000.

Mexico City is the ideal place to start an extended tour of the country. A fascinating city which combines a brilliant mix of ancient buildings, such as the Aztec Temples, with some fascinating descriptions of the Of the many stellar attractions, some ‘must-sees’ include the official residence of the president of Mexico overlooking the Zócalo, the National Palace. This is also home to several brilliant murals by Diego Rivera. Chapultepec Park, with its popular anthropology museum, and the ancient canals of Xochimilco offer endless family activities. The stunning Palacio de Belles Artes, which is neo-classical outside, art deco inside, is also excellent to visit as both a performance venue and an art museum.

Outside of the capital, there is an abundance of other attractions. Driving around the country enables cost efficient and comfortable tours of the rest of the country. Areas that should not be missed include Cancun, which is famous as a resort area for American tourists, although to escape from the tourist traps you can travel to the Selvatica jungle area which is about thirty kilometres outwith the capital.

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