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Martinique is a perfect beach location for relaxation and absorbing exotic landscapes. With its whiter than white coasts, there are some wonderful places to explore in this area of the world and it is sure to entice even the most jaded traveller to loosen up. From the coral reefs along the coast, to the unique and lush setting of black sand beaches near Le Carbet and Le Preheur – there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Martinique is regarded as something of a treasure trove in the many Caribbean islands, with some spectacular landscapes and scenery to be taken in. Hiring a car will make all of these diversions all the more accessible. With its scenic charm, coupled with the legacy of the French, this modern infrastructure is a fantastic place to explore. Saint-Pierre was the capital of the island before the eruption of the Mount Pelee mountain in the Caribbean, now Fort De France takes the title. Local culture and cuisine combine both influences. The stylish isle is dominated by Mount Pelee, which destroyed the city of St. Pierre in 1902. Black sand beaches and rainforests are found in the north, with yet more beautiful sands to the south. Sights include La Pagerie, birthplace of Napoleon's Empress Josephine. There is also the fabulous Diamond Rock, which is a six hundred foot pinnacle and was once registered as a British warship. There are some excellent options for hiking and biking that will take you along the coast of this beautiful country; one of the high spots being the Grand Riviere on the Atlantic coast which is in the northernmost part of it.

Carnival time is one of the best times to visit Martinique, as it is at this time that the island really comes alive. One of the highlights is around Easter time, when there is a four day carnival. During this time, one recommendation is to try the “matoutou” or curried crab, a dish that is also popular just after Lent at Easter Monday beach picnics.

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