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A group of islands on the Mediterranean Sea, Malta is a cultural melting pot and has proved to be a popular tourist destination for decades. With its significant prehistoric civilisation, it is also one of the most abundant for ancient history, although it became independent in 1964. An archipelago which lies in the centre of the Mediterranean, Malta is one of three other islands including Gozo and Comino, although Comino remains largely uninhabited. The national language, Maltese, is influenced by both English and Arabic, although many of the locals speak Italian and this is also one of the most dominant cultural forces in the country.

Valletta, the capital, is situated in the centre and to the east of the country and has a population of six thousand. Here, there are some charming meandering streets around the islands’ centre, including renaissance cathedrals and baroque palaces. As it is home to two harbours, most of the diversions are water related; there are some great recreational facilities and seafood restaurants on the waterfront. You can also sample some of the traditional Maltese food such as pasta and pastry dishes, and the famous rabbit stew. The islands’ scenery makes it a great place to drive, and simply by following this medium you will be struck by the jaw-dropping views on offer. From here, you can retrace the steps towards St Paul.

As Malta is blessed with an excellent climate, you can really indulge in sunbathing at one of the beaches along the coast. Sports are also very popular here, and you can try some of the football and other nightlife. Cruises also prove popular, and you can laze about aboard one of the many excellent liners that offer this service. The sister islands of Gozo and Comino can also be reached this way, and prove for another avenue for exploring the Mediterranean.

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Cities in Malta