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Kuwait is a fascinating country and indeed is one of the oldest civilizations in the world. Although plagued by a turbulent political history during the later parts of the twentieth and early twenty-first centuries, there is much to see and do in this lesser visited part of the world. The capital, Kuwait City, attracts a lot of attention in the country for its fabulous combination of beach resorts and modern shopping complexes – far removed from any clichéd images of the country that might immediately spring to mind. Near the waterfront area is particularly recommended for shopping, and it is home to a variety of well known Western brands in new malls. Many of these developments serve as a direct reaction to the damage the city suffered during the Iraq war. It is advisable to avoid the area to the West of the city, Al-Jahara, which is best known for its important role for the armed forces during the Gulf War.

Because most of the other attractions of the country are situated along the coast, hiring a car here is most advisable. The newest and most exciting development in modern infrastructure is the small island of Failaka. This can easily be accessed by a regular ferry service. Failaka Island is perhaps the most authentic feeling part of the country, and is styled with many interesting original architectures such as ‘boums’ and ‘sambuks’. Outdoor sports are particularly popular here, and there are lots of options for watersports and powerboating. You can also tour out to the desert area, and one of the most popular options for visitors who do so is to camp. You can also easily access the Mutla Ridge, which is one of the most beautiful areas of natural beauty in the country. Note: It is recommended to retain sensitive to Muslim traditions while visiting Kuwait.

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