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Jordan is a wonderful landscape that is beautiful and enticing for visitors from all over the globe. Petra is a stunning Middle Eastern attraction – but there is a huge variety of things to explore in this part of the world, including it's capital Amman. The country also serves as a great starting point for exploring the Middle East.

From the Jordan Valley, which is a gorgeous and remote part of the country, you can start a wider exploration of the Wadi Rum and the Red Sea. There are many opportunities to explore, from horse riding to safaris, to rock climbing and hiking. A relatively new country, modern Jordan was founded by King Abdullah after World War I and has grown into a modern nation which has enjoyed a remarkable measure of peace, stability and economic growth in recent decades. On the eastern coast, the dead sea is one of the most spectacular natural and spiritual landscapes you are likely to come across. The region is the lowest spot on earth, and is 410 metres below sea level. Thanks to the fantastic quality of the water and the healthy aspects of it, the healthful qualities of it are well renowned all over the world.

Aside from this famous natural diversion, you can expect to come across a wide variety of bird life and sanctuaries. This is another major draw for the region. The Dana Nature Reserve is a great example of this and is one of the treasures of the natural world. Another diversion is visiting Rummana mountain, the ruins if Feinan or even the wonderful cliffs of Wadi Dana. Jordan can be regarded as a typically Arab country as its people are very warm, friendly and hospitable. Jordanians are typically happy to forgive foreigners who innocently ‘break the rules’ of etiquette. The people follow traditional codes and as such, it is a little bit of an adjustment for Western tourists.

Cities in Jordan