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Mountainous, flat, leisurely, hectic, touristy, historical, trend-setting, freezing and blistering. Italy, as diverse in terrain as in its people, is all of these, at once. With an astonishing 40% of the world’s art in their country, Italians have a lot to boast about.

The many bloody battles between the ruling families of the past have left behind a heritage to be rivalled world-wide. In the provinces of Piacenza and Parma, 19 medieval castles invite your gasps. Despite the throngs of tourists, Venice and Pisa remain as inimitable as ever. Florence showcases some of Europe’s finest galleries, while of course Rome and the Vatican are the world’s largest open-air museums. Further South be humbled by the tragic Roman sites of Pompeii and Herculaneum, wiped out and instantly preserved by the AD79 eruption of Mount Vesuvius.
Offshore, driving on rugged and mountainous Capri is a breathtaking experience. And in beach-blessed Sardinia, a largely unexplored inner countryside awaits.

Scenic summer driving in the north’s skiing territory offers a view of majestic Mont Blanc from almost every vantage point. Skim the coast from uber-cool Portofino down to Amalfi’s towering sea-hugging cliff roads, and you will experience some of Europe’s most spectacular driving.

Travel through the origins of a cuisine that has expanded worldwide, strictly organised into regional varieties. Pasta with pesto will be common in Liguria, but you’ll have to ask for it elsewhere. Polenta is commonplace in Lombardy, but is replaced by the ubiquitous pizza in Naples; its birthplace.
After the indelible marks left by the Roman, medieval and renaissance eras, modern Italy, with its iconic fashion scene and sports cars, is still at the forefront of global cultures. offers car rental from most airports and cities within Italy, including Capri, Sardinia and Sicily.

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