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Given that Hungary is landlocked by bordering countries including Slovakia, Ukraine, Croatia and Slovenia, it is the ideal base for a wider exploration of Eastern Europe and hiring a car here is highly recommended. is mostly flat, with low mountains in the north. Lake Balaton, a popular tourist centre, is the largest lake in central Europe. However, there is much more to Hungary than this; it also has its own fascinating and unique culture. The original inhabitants were the Magyar tribes, and this influence can still be appreciated around the country. Of the numerous attractions here, you can visit the Fine Arts Museum to be treated to the sights of some of the great art that this small country has produced over the centuries.

The capital city, Budapest, is a well known tourist hotspot. Originally separated into two cities (Buda and Pest) its located by the River Danube gives it a rich history and beautiful views of the surrounding scenery. Nightlife in Hungary Budapest is the country's main nightlife centre with myriad clubs and bars. It is also home to the wonderful Budapest Opera House which stages regular performances. Although on a smaller scale, the nightlife in larger cities and towns like Debrecen and Szeged is also thriving and during the summer months the popular Lake Balaton resort of Siófok has a buzzing nightlife.

Hungary also has a wealth of natural resources, including fertile soils and arable land – which also produces some excellent wines, so be sure to try some during your visit here. The Thermal Spas, such as the Hotels of Margrit Sziget are other highlights and Hungary is well known for its brilliant waters which are said to have greatly therapeutic effects. The Kiraly is also an old Ottoman bath; it is a bit rundown but it has a lot of effective if antiquated therapeutic pools, steams, and showers. Hungary is also well known for its creative history, and has produced some internationally renowned classical composers over the years including Liszt and Bartók.

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