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Honduras has an emerging reputation amongst travellers as a destination rich in heritage and with a variety of places to visit that make it the ideal country for spending a prolonged holiday. Hiring a car here will certainly enhance your time here, and you can enter from Guatemala by land. Traditionally very laid back people, Hondurans are also extremely friendly and open to visitors, including it's capital Tegucigalpa. There is a great range of exciting sights to visit here in the country, including the Parque Nacional – which has some great spots for snorkelling, sunbathing and wildlife observation. The North coast is populated with Garrifuna villages, and is also inhabited by an ethnic group of mixed ancestry, who are descendants of Caribs and Afro-Caribbeans. These unusual parts of the country bear little resemblance to the other parts of the country. Tela has a lot of natural beauty in its beaches, and its tropical vegetation in three distinct areas: Lancetilla Gardens, Punta Sal National Park and Punta Izopo Wildlife Refuge, as well as the cultural experience of the Garifuna Culture.

La Ruta Lenca is a whole region in Western Honduras, where you can find colonial villages scattered among delightful landscapes. Santa Rosa de Copán is a lovely town, best known for its cigar manufacturing industry – so be sure to try some on your visit here. Off the beaten path, there is a lot to do in Honduras that will virtually necessitate having a car. One of these areas is the remote Aguán Valley. Here, you will find the chance to view the natural wildlife, such as the endangered hummingbird. Tela is a sleepy beach town and is a great place to soak up some Caribbean atmosphere and gorge yourself on fine seafood. Divers can particularly find a lot to amuse themselves with in Honduras. Indeed, Roatan has the best dive walls in the western hemisphere. There is also Foster's Resort close by which is excellent for recreation.

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