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Guatemala is a fascinating country that has been captivated visitors for decades, both because it its links to Mayan culture and its stunning natural landscapes. The Mayan heritage saturates Guatemala – from the fascinating town of Chichicatenango to Santa Lucia Cotzumalguapa you can truly understand the way in which this fascinating country was formed and shows the promise of the different countries the world over; this is because it has around twenty-one different ethnic groups, speaking some twenty-three languages. Seeing the ancient Mayan city of Tikal is a wonderful experience; the entire complex consists of structures ranging from ball courts to pyramids. The Tikal ruins are probably the greatest Maya buildings in the whole of Guatemala, maybe even in the world. It has been listed by UNESCO since1979 and the ancient town provides a great insight in daily Mayan matters as well as on religious and cultural affairs of this great nation.

Guatemala City is the sprawling capital of the country, although Antigua is one of the most popular places for visitors and it is situated between three volcanoes. This often serves as a base for those going onwards to other parts of the country, including places like Lago de Izabal or Nebaj which is a Mayan village located in a remote area of the Cuchumatanes mountains. Similarly, the Highlands area of Lago de Atitlan is a major draw for travellers. In terms of recreation, Guatemala City in particular is home to some excellent restaurants and nightlife. As the country is the home of marimba music, you will find this at several venues. In the cities, the marimba is a huge elaborate xylophone with large drum sticks played by four to nine players. In rural areas the sounding boxes are made of different shaped gourds (marimbas de tecomates). There are also theatres with numerous plays in English and other cultural performances.

Cities in Guatemala