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Guam is a naturally outstanding beautiful island which is situated in Micronesia – and serves as the area’s most popular island. It is one of the mainstay’s of Micronesia’s ‘real’ culture and is a truly vibrant mix of the many colonial cultures and languages that have been here over the years.

From the capital, Hagatna, which is in the centre of the island, you are best placed to base yourself for a holiday. With the history of Spanish influence and Catholicism, you will find many branches of church here as well as the mainstay cultural activities for the country. The gorgeous Spanish buildings and plazas, which are dotted throughout the island, are just some of the reasons that this is a beautiful place to visit. Additionally, the thatch huts are an indication of this island’s truly unique past. Guam also bears the marks of the other occupations by different cultures, including Japanese and American. A lot of the main points of interest for visitors are located around Tumon Bay. Here, you will find dramatic cliff landscapes, shopping facilities and some of the finest beach areas in the country. Two Lovers' Point, also known as Puntan Dos Amantes is a ‘must see’ part of the island and comes from ancient legend. The story goes that a pair of star-crossed lovers who were not allowed to marry tied themselves together here and jumped from the cliff.

Close to the Hagatna Boat Basin and the Paseo Stadium, Chamorro Village is one of the most lovely slices of the islands’ lifestyle, cuisine and culture. Here, you can find a plethora of local handicrafts and some wonderful food stuffs including delicacies such as barbecued ribs, seafood and fried chicken. The south is also an important part to visit on a holiday here; with some jaw-dropping sights and some fascinating historical areas such as Andersen’s Base and Ritidian Point, you can really absorb the many facets of this unusual, magical place.

Cities in Guam