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Greece is the birthplace of civilisation as we know it. From the classical era, through the conquests of Alexander the Great and the rule of the Romans, Arabs, Venetians and Turkish to name but a few, Greece embodies Europe’s history. Byzantine monasteries, too many churches to document, ancient forms of music, drama and dance, have all created an enduring Hellenic culture, still tangible to today’s traveller. 
History vultures will immerse themselves in the timeless archaeological sites of Knossos, the Cretan home of King Minos and the infamous Minotaur, and the museum-capital of Athens.
For those in search of spiritual enlightenment, six Byzantine monasteries sit atop their towering pinnacles; the Meteora will instil awe into even the most hardened traveller. The highlight of central Greece, they are still home to practising monks who have guarded their territory since the 1500s.
Possibly the best driving Greece has to offer; the finger-like Peloponnese peninsulas boast superb vistas from their hillside villages, with world-famous Corinth, Mycenae and the acoustic-perfect theatre of Epidauros as their diamond rings.

Sporting enthusiasts will marvel at the modern Olympic stadium in the know that Greece was the Olympic birthplace. They may even wonder how a country with a population of under 11 million could reach such enviable footballing heights.
Island driving is divine. In the dramatic, undisputable beauty of Corfu and neighbouring Paxos, Cypress trees and olive groves pave their way through the traditional elements of inner-island village life. In the Cyclades, the hedonistic and aesthetically gifted wear cosmopolitan style-icon Mykonos like a glove. But after revellers have taken to their beds, fishermen unravel their brightly coloured nets, whilst artists line the streets of the white-washed town.
Whether a picnic of Feta, Greek yoghurt and local honey, or a beachside taverna serving up succulent mezes (complemented by superior barrelled wine), dining is an institution in Greece and is almost always enjoyed alfresco.

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