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Gibraltar is a stunning place to visit and will keep you entertained like no other. This place is close to Spain and thus a perfect stop off area for a wider tour of Europe. With influences from both the Spanish and British, this is a mixed bag of a country – and well worth visiting. There is everything that you could want as a holidaymaker available in this beautiful but small part of the world. There is an array of exciting options for tourists on offer; one of the most popular of these is the tax free shopping that is offered! As there are no regular buses here, hiring a car is particularly recommended for your comfort.

Gibraltar has had an unusual history and one which is perhaps disproportionate to its small size. The tourism industry is one of the mainstays in the economy, and you can expect your every wish to be catered for. The Rock of Gibraltar is certainly one of the most impressive pieces of scenery in the whole of Europe – and can be viewed from the Costa Del Sol or the West side. From the rock, the straits curve out, providing the only link between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. For those interested in natural history, Gibraltar is a ‘must’ on the world agenda. The Great Siege Tunnels, which are situated inside the Rock, is one of the most ingenious defence systems ever devised by man and will prove to be a highlight of your time here. The adjacent Museum is also a ‘must-see’, as is Nelson’s Musem. The Botanical Gardens are some of the most beautiful in the whole of Europe. For night-time, be sure to try UnderGround, which is an outdoor dancing area and one of the most popular for locals and visitors in Gibraltar.