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The French have always been masters of self-promotion, protecting their image, language and identity. It’s not that surprising then that their cuisine should be the most celebrated in the world, as many regions are happy to be represented by their culinary delights. So after driving through Brittany’s Camembert, make your way through the Champagne region before stopping in Brest for its inimitable gourmet chicken.
If the food is great, the driving is on a par. France is cross-stitched by stunning routes traversing the most diverse landscapes, with the best all being secondary roads. They may be slower and longer than motorways, but that is where France really lies. It can be found in the rolling hillsides of the castle-studded Loire valley, in the dazzling snowscapes of the Alpine region and in the glistening coastal glamour of the Cote d’Azur. Still, few French roads dare to rival the Routes des Grandes Alps, from Evian to Nice, or the Route des Cretes in the Verdon Gorge. Mountaintop forests line this cliff-hanging road, passing picturesque Moustiere Saint Marie along the way.

In many ways, France is the cultural epicentre of Europe. From the exclusive, world-class skiing of Chamonix, past luxury riverboats bobbing on countless canals, to the decadent romanticism of Paris, the French have a near-monopoly on style. Trend-setters like Coco Chanel, Monet and Chopin follow a long line of style-innovators who have dominated their field. After all, it was the French who gave us the Gothic architectural style, best expressed in the wondrous Chartres Cathedral.
But France’s artistic icons really lie in the Palace of Versailles and at the Louvre. The first is likely to be the world’s most spectacular residence, with miles of ornate corridors and sensational gardens: the perfect image of this country’s legendary royal history. The Louvre is probably the planet’s most significant museum, with around 300,000 paintings (including the world’s most famous smile). It attracts art pilgrims almost as devoted as the 4,000,000 Christians who visit miraculous Lourdes in the Pyrenees every year.

Whilst the Tour de France entices many drivers to explore France in July, the busiest areas are best avoided during late summer, with May the best month to travel in.

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