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Fiji is one of the best renowned tourist destinations in the world, and with its lush vegetation, spectacular beaches and stunning scenery – as well as some of the friendliest hosts visitors could wish for – this collection of some three hundred and thirty tiny islands are some of the most sought after for holiday makers across the globe. Fiji was first settled about three and a half thousand years ago. The original inhabitants are now called "Lapita people".

Within close proximity of New Zealand to the South and Australia to the South East, The Republic of Fiji has two major islands called Viti Levu and Vanua Levu. Other important islands include Taveuni, Kadavu and Koro. Islands such as Mamanuca and Yasawa are some of the most beautiful for beach scenery and have proved fabulous backdrops for several major Hollywood motion pictures. To the North West of Viti Levu is the Yasawa Group of islands, which are volcanic and are serviced daily by catamarans. Be sure to visit a show of the ‘meke’ which is the local dance – regular shows are performed on the islands throughout the year. Island hopping is incredibly popular for holiday makers and the underwater scenery is some of the most beautiful in the world – for diving and water enthusiasts, there is not much that can beat the so-called ‘coral capital’ of the world.

Culturally, aside from beaches, Fiji has a lot to offer. Suva, the capital of The Fijian Republic, is an excellent example of more developed parts of the country and Lautoka, the only other city, is similarly good for shopping, eating and nightlife – all saturated with spectacular mountain scenery from the outside. Its fantastic climate, which come from the South Sea and offers great heat, is occasionally marred by cyclones but on the whole this is always an excellent – and safe – place to travel to and to drive in.

Cities in Fiji