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Estonia is a somewhat undiscovered gem. However, offering as it does an abundance of exciting places to stay – coupled with the fact that it is an excellent place to drive – you will find an enchanting country with a rich history. Some of the stand-out places include the medieval old town of Tallinn, which is one of the major draws to the country and is a brilliant example of medieval European design. Haapsalu is also a wonderful small town in the western part of the country and within easy driving access of Tallinn.

As Estonia has been occupied by the Swedish, German and Russians over time, these individual cultural influences have each made a big impact on contemporary Estonian culture. Estonia also offers excellent value for money compared with some other close neighbours – and a great alternative weekend break. Further afield, you will find beaches all around – a drive down the coast is as relaxing for the scenery as it is for the exciting places you stop for a day of sunbathing. Other natural attractions include some lush forest landscape – as Estonia is over fifty percent made up of this, you will find a lot of exciting trails to walk through, where you can gasp in awe at the beautiful views and wildlife including wolves, lynx and foxes. As skiing is a hugely popular sport here, you can find a lot of places which offer some truly stunning areas for those interested in the sport.

As Estonia retains a strong link to its ancient heritage, it is well worth while visiting the country when one of the festivals is on, such as the Song Festival. This only takes place every five years, and is largely for classical music – an event not to be missed, should you be lucky enough to plan your trip to coincide with it. Another favourite pass time in Estonia is the sauna culture; particularly recommended when the temperatures are freezing, as they often are in the country. Be sure to check these out, if you are brave enough!

Cities in Estonia