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The oldest civilisation in the world, Egypt is also one of the most enduring holiday destinations. From the pyramids to the Nile, the sheer breadth of discovery awaiting your holiday to this magnificent country makes it one of the best places to visit in the world. Priviledged with a location in the Sinai Peninsula of Egypt, it is the meeting point between Asia and Africa. This makes for a truly unique trip.

Aside from these, more famous distractions, the vast historical wealth Egypt has at its finger tips means that you can easily visit more than once. Additionally, due to the climate and situation of visitor attractions, hiring a car is most advisable. Cairo, the capital, has a medieval centre that is a hubbub of Islamic culture; the sights and smells of this gorgeous city are sure to keep you captivated. Away from the Cairo, you can take a tour up the river towards Luxor, which was the site of Ancient Thebes and as a result is home to many burial chambers and monuments – all arresting insights into Egypt’s splendid past. Down towards the south of the country, another recommended visit is Aswan, from which you can best explore the Nile – either by boat or simply driving along the edge. To the west, you can take in the jaw-dropping Sahara desert, which is interspersed with medieval fortresses which are captivating to viewers.

Similarly, if you are to visit the Red Sea – a must for those interested in alternative acqua pursuits, you will likely be captivated by the abundance of coral that is around the water. Sharm El-Sheikh, the biggest and most important city in the whole of Sinai, lies at the southern flank of the Peninsula where the two gulfs of Aqaba and Suez meet with the Red Sea. Here you will also find a treasure trove of sites to explore – and are sure to leave Egypt as captivated as millions before you.

Cities in Egypt