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Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is home to a variety of influences, ranging from the European, to African and native Indian. This has created a fascinating diversity amongst the inhabitants that continues to dominate the way in which the country is experienced by foreign travellers. From food to art, to music and culture – these intricacies of Dominican Republic are reflected. Colonised by the Spanish and also visited by Christopher Columbus, there are several historic museums and buildings in this area offering an insight into Dominican culture. Much of the Dominican culture can be experienced through its inspiring museums, food, and music. Carnival time is an excellent time to experience this fascinating country. This annual celebration of independence spans the entire country, with each city putting on their own unique version of the festival. They fill the streets with colourful masks, music, and of course, dancing. However, Carnival didn’t always look this way. It is actually the culmination of all three cultures; native Taíno, Spanish and African. Brought together, they create a swirl of energy and culture that you can’t find anywhere else. Carnival lasts throughout February.

The beaches in the Dominican Republic are particular highlights of the country. With almost eight hundred miles of coastline, they featuring some of the most stunning sands in the Caribbean. Although food and art are important parts of Dominican culture, the true life of the culture is baseball. Much more than a national pastime, baseball is a major source of national pride and identity. In fact, almost 40 percent of players in the U.S. Major League Baseball and minor leagues come from Latin America- with most of those coming from the Dominican Republic. Some of their most famous Dominican players include Pedro Martinez, Alex Rodriguez, Albert Pujols and Sammy Sosa.

Cities in Dominican Republic