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Situated in the Mediterranean, Cyprus is a perfect retreat and has proved popular with visitors from other parts of Europe during modern history. It has a wide variety of cultural influences, given its position and history – these range from Lebanese to Turkish to Greek. It does, however, maintain a unique character which is one of the major draws that keeps tourists flocking here – and will ensure that your experience is this country is not one you will be likely to forget. One of the best times to visit Cyprus is during one of the country’s Orthodox Festivals, which occur regularly throughout the year – these are fascinating insights into Cypriot culture and are also a lot of fun.

Although it has been ridden roughshod by developers seeking to stake a claim in the lucrative tourist-driven property markets, Cyprus still maintains its old character in less developed spots. Stepping away from Paphos and Ayia Napa – where some of the wildest partying goes on for tourists – by hiring a car you can easily tour out to the smaller, quainter villages in areas like the Akamas Peninsula. Here, you will have access to some gorgeous and less populated beaches. Along the Northern Coast, you’ll similarly find a haven in the citrus groves and other, spectacular areas.

Similarly, you can also pay a visit to Choirokoitia, which is considered one of the best preserved sites of prehistory in the Mediterranean area. It still shows some remarkable ruins and underground tombs, and ancient Greek plays are still regularly performed in the Roman theatre – so be sure to book some seat for these one-of-a-kind shows. For art lovers, Cyprus also has a lot to offer, including some examples of Byzantine art in the churches. The Archaeological Museum also provides an excellent range of artefacts, from pottery to jewellery – perfect for a break from the sea and sun.

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