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Croatia has proved popular with tourists for decades now. With well-preserved coastal Renaissance towns, as well as Zagreb and the stunning ‘Baroque capital’ of Varazdin, there is something for everyone on a visit to this mysterious country. With an abundance of land designated as national park land, you are best placed to experience the gorgeous landscapes from hiring a car particularly on these coastal roads.

Because of the variety of influences that ruled Croatia over the years – including Roman, Venetian, Italian and Austro-Hungarian – the culture is uniquely marked by each of these individually. It is during festival time that the ‘real’ nature of the Croats is said to come out – through costume, dance and song. Be sure to try and catch one of the many folk festivals and the associated activities when you plan your trip. Zagreb itself is a stunning city with approximately one million inhabitants. It is a great introduction to Central European culture in itself, and the tourist industry is a well-oiled machine. Of the many suggested sights, particular highlights include the National Theatre, the Botanical Gardens and the Cathedral. You can also expect a great shopping experience here, particularly for those interested in flea markets.

Taking a car tour outside the city will provide for an excellent experience; should you choose a route along the coastal road, you’ll come across some beautiful towns, as well as ruins of old Roman fortifications. It is worth while to take a cruise around the coast; a likely stopping place will be Dubrovnik, which is a charming insight into Croatian civilization. Recommended routes for drivers can incorporate the Učka tunnel between Rijeka and Istria and the road from Rijeka to Delnice; all of which provide breathtaking scenery and options for unplanned stops along the way to absorb this beautiful country.

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