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Cayman Islands

Located in the West of the Caribbean, The Cayman Islands is a veritable paradise for holiday makers and one of the most popular spots for sun seekers wishing to ‘get away from it all’. A group of islands, the largest – Grand Cayman - enjoys regular connections to some other popular holiday tourist destinations including Miami. There are many exceptional reasons why holidaying in the Cayman Islands is the experience of a lifetime. The gorgeous blue waters, variety of wild life in water and in out, and the beach waves of bliss that are waiting for you are just some of the reasons why visitors return year upon year.

Some of the unique heritage you can see in the islands includes the fabulous Boatswain’s Beach which has proved to be one of the most popular tourist haunts for those interested in topping up that tan. The blissful waters are as enticing as they are blue, and this is one of the major draws to any of the set of islands; snorkelling is one of the ways you can explore the fascinating underwater heritage the Islands have to offer, where you can swim around Stingray City or Cemetary Reef. The Atlantis Deep Dive Submarine is also an excellent choice for those seeking some watersport alternatives. Of the many interesting historical areas in the Caymans, the Queen Elizabeth II Botanical Park and the National Museum are just two of the major ports of call and provide interesting insights into the history and topography of the area. You can even experience ‘pirate’ cruises on board the Jolly Roger or the Anne Bonnie ships.

Hiking is another particularly popular activity around the islands, and you can take advantage of the Mastic Trails and the Booby Pond Nature Reserve on foot. Arts enthusiasts will also enjoy the Cayman Craft Market, where many of the island folk sell their wares at reasonable prices. Driving around the islands is the perfect way to explore in comfort, and the roads are generally extremely well maintained. The only likely stumbling block on your journey may be a stray lizard or iguana!

Cities in Cayman Islands