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Situated on the Balkan Peninsula, Bulgaria is a lesser visited holiday destination in Europe, but is fast becoming more and more popular with adventurous tourists. Given its excellent position within Europe – bordering Romania, Macedonia, Greece and Turkey, it is the perfect point to start a road trip through Central and Eastern Europe.

Bulgaria is an ancient civilisation with its roots in the Palaeolithic Age. The Thracians had a great influence in the development of society in Bulgaria and you can still visit the remarkable treasures and temples bestowed upon Bulgaria by this era of man’s development. The Romans, who also had a distinct influence on the development of culture, can still be felt in influence here. In modern-day Bulgaria, there is a lot to see and do that will keep every kind of visitor entertained. Sofia, which is the capital, offers a wide array of bars, pubs, nightlife – and also over two hundred historical landmarks that prove it to be an exceptional place of cultural interest. Bansko, which is less visited than Sofia but very popular with the alternative Bulgarian traveller, is home to a strong arts scene and has a rich historical heritage which is fantastic for exploring on a longer term trip to the country.

If you want to reach Bulgaria from Western Europe by car, you either can take a ferry from Italy to Greece, or you will have to pass through either Serbia (make sure you took a green card from your national insurance company) or Romania. Driving in Bulgaria is highly recommended for the spectacular views afforded by the scenery – particularly that of the mountains and mountain paths where the Bulgars attempted to hold back 1st the Byzantines then Ottomans, only to be overwhelmed by both. For this rich history, travelling to Bulgaria is sure not to disappoint even the most seasoned traveller.

Cities in Bulgaria