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Despite the indelible mark left on the conscience of Western Europe in the last few years, Bosnia and Herzegovina is now a timeless destination for tourists from all over the globe. In Sarajevo, the capital, you will find the Bascarsija – or ‘Old Town’ – which has been active as a trading and meeting place since the fifteenth century, and one of the most interesting parts of the city to check out. The fine Ottoman architecture is also fully displayed by the Mostar’s Stari Most – or the ‘Old Bridge’ – which is situated on the eastern and western banks of the Neretva River. This is one of the most symbolic of the attractions in the whole of Bosnia and Herzegovina – and is certainly a ‘must visit’ for any tourist.

Outside of Sarajevo, hiring a car will enable you to take day trips to the countryside, considering a place like Banja Luka and also beach resorts like Neum – which is located along a beautiful stretch of the Adriatic Sea and is now a major destination for both international and national holidaymakers. It is also inexpensive and highly recommended for those with families. The southern region was traditionally called Hum and later named Herzegovina, and it is here you will find access by car to Sutjeska National Park, which is also famous for being the home to one of Europe’s last remaining primeval forests in Perucica as well as Bosnia’s highest peak – a great place for hikers and nature lovers alike.

Other fascinating places well worth visiting in Bosnia and Herzegovina include the Jahorina Mountain, which has played host to the World Winter Olympic games and is now swiftly making an inroad as one of Europe’s best skiing resorts – which regularly attracts tourists from abroad, just to visit it. Culturally, coffee drinking is a mainstay in Bosnia and Herzegovina and should certainly be sampled during any stay in the city. Similarly, beer enthusiasts should sample the local brew and wine – the latter of which dates back to Roman times and has proved enduringly popular amongst visitors from all over the world. Spirits are similarly impressive – and often strong. They are generally made with plums, pears, apples and grapes – and can be up to forty percent proof. Enough to warm you up after a day out in the wilds

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