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Situated in the Caribbean, Bonaire offers a wide array of choices for international travellers, particularly for those with an interest in water sports. A gorgeous natural landscape, the inhabitants of Bonaire have traditionally held a very strong respect for nature – and maintain sustainable growth combined with the historical heritage of the island. Sports are particularly popular here – anything from kayaking to biking and hiking in the open land is easy and fun. Other options include kite boarding, sailing and land sailing.

Hiring a car will simplify a trip to Bonaire and make it all the easier to visit some of the slightly more difficult to negotiate places on the island, including the Stitching National Park. Aside from natural wonders, visitors can also check out the Marine and Washington Parks – both of which have a strong history of marine and land preservation respectively. It’s particularly recommended to pick a time to visit Bonaire which coincides with some of the celebrations including Maskarada, Simadan, Dia di San Juan and San Pedro and the season of Bari – it is during these festival times that Bonaire really comes to life. You can also learn more about Bonaire’s history and culture by following one of the many tours of the area regularly given by the local guides.

Hiring a car will also make it easier to visit some of the more macabre aspects of Bonaire’s past; including the South-western coast where the yellow slave huts serve as a dark reminder of this aspect of Bonaire’s history. To lighten the mood, the beach bars near the water are some of the very best in the whole of the Caribbean and perfect for unwinding after a hard day. Particularly recommended are Karel’s and the whole waterfront area, where you are bound to find several other options to explore.