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Bolivia is a simply spectacular landscape which, although the poorest country in South America, offers as much to travellers – if not more - than many other, wealthier countries in the continent. Over sixty percent of the population claim indigenous heritage; as such, it is a vibrant reminder of South America’s fascinating natural history.

The well trodden areas for visitors include the paths of Altiplano, or ‘High Plateau’, which is the largest area of arable land in the whole of the Andes and connects Bolivia to Peru, Argentina and Chile. During the initial settlement of the Andes, nomads travelling from Siberia established trading networks here. To the east lies a tremendous tropical landscape which can be easily explored by car, as can some of the jungle areas of the Amazon Basin and the grasslands in the South.

The capital is Sucre and the administrative capital, La Paz. Hiking, one of the most popular activities for travellers entering the country, is great to start in La Paz – from which you can hike along the Choros and Taquesi trails for help. La Paz also offers the best varieties for shopping, arts and nightlife – and should prove to be the central point for any extended exploration of Bolivia. The Inca trails also prove particularly fascinating for visitors. Younger travellers will particularly enjoy following in the footsteps of the great Che Guevara – who died trailing from Santa Cruz through to La Higuera – indeed, you can also visit the place where he died. Similarly, you can explore the Zona Sur region on a day-long hike or bike ride in the area. Bolivian cuisine is particularly idiosyncratic, and the inhabitants take their food very seriously. When visiting, you should be sure to try dishes including Lomo Montado, Picante de Pollo and Chuno – just some of the many speciality dishes.

Cities in Bolivia