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Belize offers some of the most extraordinary landscape and welcoming people in the Caribbean. Located between Mexico and Guatemala and also the Caribbean coastal area of Central America, Belize is a largely unspoiled landscape that offers breathtaking views, utter relaxation – and the opportunity to ‘get away from it all’ in the truest sense. Having been home to some of the most impressive civilizations in Ancient and Modern world history, Belize has played home to Mayan, Spanish and Africans as well as the British – which adds to its eclectic mix. However, as it was previously a British colony, despite becoming independent in 1981 it remains part of the British Commonwealth. Today, Belize maintains many of the customs that have made it a unique civilization for centuries. The small population, which is approximately three hundred thousand people, are a veritable melting pot. English remains the official language, which makes holidaying here very straightforward for British tourists.

Visiting Belize, you will find an abundance of diversions on offer, including snorkelling and diving in some of the barrier reef areas, which are extremely impressive. There are also other out-door pursuits such as bird-watching, trekking, kayaking and cave-tubing to be explored – there is literally something for people of every interest in visiting Belize. You can also visit some of the many Mayan temples, which should prove a highlight to any visit. Driving in Belize can be a challenging experience, although well worthwhile. There are only three main highways through the country, which is 185 miles from North to South and 70 miles from East to West. They are mostly in good repair, and travelling by car will provide much more convenient access to the gorgeous landscape – making it all the simpler to explore ruins like Caracol and Lamanai. You can also take the opportunity to drive ‘off the beaten path’ to villages such as Hopkins, which, as a Garifuna settlement, where many of the esoteric local traditions – such as dancing parties and drumming – are particularly inviting for modern travellers

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