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Belgium is widely regarded as one of the most charming places to visit in the whole of Europe. With its multilingual culture – which includes traces of Austrian, Spanish, French and Dutch in the architecture and local lifestyles – the many charming vacation spots you can visit in the country include the cities of Bruges, Antwerp and Gent. It was previously linked to the Netherlands, but became independent in 1830, and was also occupied by the German during World War Two.

This multicultural heritage also makes it particularly easy for British tourists to visit – you can easily converse in English here. It is famous for offering some of the highest quality of life in the world. Indeed, the main motorways into Belgium are the E19 from the Netherlands, the E40 from Germany, the E411 from Luxembourg and the E17 and E19 from France. The motorways also, rightly, have an excellent reputation throughout Europe. Aside from Bruges, particularly recommended cities include Dinant which is right at the heart of the Province of Namur, and is regarded as the gateway to the Ardennes – one of the most exceptionally beautiful forested areas in the whole of Western Europe. Tournai is also a two thousand year-old town which boasts an exceptional history. There is also exceptional nightlife and gastronomy experiences on off all around the country, which means that Belgium is fast becoming a recommended place to travel.

Belgium has a reputation for being relaxed – an atmosphere which perhaps owes something to the ‘good things in life’ that the country is internationally renowned for producing; namely, beer and chocolate. As it is a relatively flat country – with the few hills rising below two hundred feet in height – Belgium is also particularly recommended for negotiating by car, as you can really enjoy the views from the comfort of your vehicle.

Cities in Belgium