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The Bahamas is beloved by tourists, the world over, as a stunning holiday destination. The seven-hundred islands lie around sixty kilometres from the coast of Florida – and are a breathtaking way to unwind and explore. Particularly well known are bustling Nassau, Freeport and Paradise Island which all offer everything from eco-tourism adventures and parasailing to shopping. There is easy access to several companies hiring yachts and other boats for your pleasure – so whatever your passion, this relaxed and delightful holiday destination is sure to indulge it. However, one of the great things about a trip to the Bahamas is the ease with which you can completely change your scene – you can easily go island hopping to one of the exquisite Out Islands where fishing, relaxing and sightseeing are great pastimes and help to get away from the hustle.

A former British colony, the Bahamas has been independent since 1973, and as a result the customs and traditions here are African infused with European-colonial. This history can be seen in and around the islands; most people would agree that it is the inhabitants of the islands that make any stay here particularly special. On land, there is a lot to do to while away the time, and truly relax. From spas to rejuvenate yourself, to other attractions including spectacular golf-ranges and hiking, every visitor will find a niche to enjoy here. Of course, given the hundred thousand square miles of ocean that surrounds the islands, the most popular activities are water-related – from diving, to snorkelling and kayaking, this is the perfect retreat for aqua lovers. Renting a car here will make it easy to drift from beach to party in no time – and ensure that you maximise your relaxation time in this fabulous part of the world.

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