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Australia is enigmatic and diverse. Carpeted with precipitous rainforests in the north, iconic landmarks on its east coast, fringed by the isolated Indian Ocean on the west and nothing but desert in between, Australia is a land of extremes. Whilst only 220 years have passed since European settlement, Australia has a spiritual Aboriginal history dating back over 40,000 years. And once you’ve experienced the canyons of the Northern Territory and the Great Barrier Reef, you’ll realise that few other countries on earth are gifted with such exceptional natural beauty.
Multicultural Sydney, a city of just under 4 million, boasts the world’s largest and most striking natural harbour. Its sparkling waters, like scattered diamonds, are home to millionaire yachts, scurrying ferries and the odd shark. Aside from Sydney’s celebrated Opera House and Harbour Bridge, the city is necklaced with golden beaches to its east, flanked by the Blue Mountains to its west, and to its north embraced by the immaculate waters of the Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National Park; the rest-stop for Sydney’s busy seaplanes.

Head up the coast to Surfers Paradise where world-class surfers challenge the thunderous surf that batters the shores. Further north is Fraser Island, the world’s largest all-sand island. Drive its beach highways in a 4WD, plotting your memories on the map.
After island-hopping and scuba diving off Cairns, take the Captain Cook Highway towards Cape York Peninsula on Australia’s northern tip. With crocodile-infested waters and more tree-frogs than kangaroos, this is tropical Australia at its best.

Brave the desert heat from Alice Springs to the unexplainable lone rocks of Uluru and Kata Tjuta (the Olgas) to taste true outback life under the spell of burnt blood-red sunsets.

Carve down through the national parks on the west coast towards Perth, the world’s most isolated city, stopping at Pinnacles Desert on the way for its red, surreal, natural monuments. Crossing the tree-less desert of the Nullarbor Plain is supreme driving country – away from all forms of human life until you near peaceful Adelaide. But first you’ll have savoured the flavours of the Barossa Valley’s wine region (not whilst driving of course!). 
But the king of drives, most will argue, is the Great Ocean Road from Adelaide to Melbourne. Carved precariously into the sheer cliffs, it will exhaust any camera.

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