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Aruba’s heritage draws from its colourful roots – from the occupancy by the American Indians to the indelible marks left by European travellers (including the Dutch and Spanish). This resplendent Caribbean island is simply the perfect holiday retreat. As it is essentially ‘an island nation’, Aruba pays home to over eighty nationalities – which will likely cast a spell on you during a break here.

With Dutch and Papiamento as the official local languages, you can also take the opportunity to brush up on some of the other, non-official languages that are used – these include English and Spanish. As such, it can be guaranteed that most Europeans will feel right at home here. A strong musicality is a dominant part of Aruban culture and lifestyle – so much so that carnivals including the Derua Gai (a harvest festival) are regularly scheduled throughout the year. Salsa and meringue mix with European influences to create a cornucopia of symphonic influences. During any time spent in Aruba, it is worth considering renting a four-by-four vehicle as this will make negotiating the sometimes rugged landscape of the island relatively easy.

Aruba’s beaches are some of the jewel’s in the Caribbean’s crown, and Palm Beach – which is a two mile stretch of white sand, and one of the most regularly visited resorts – is easily the most renowned. For lower-key bathing, you can also try Druit and Manchebo Beaches. Oranjestad remains one of the best for selecting merchandise, and the Dutch Caribbean influence dominates the architecture. Here, you can also venture out onto the waters for some snorkelling and sunset cruises; perfect for romance. Malmok beach is also well known for snorkelling and scuba diving, with the fantastical four hundred-foot SS Antilla shipwreck an added draw. Whatever your pleasure, be sure that Aruba has it all

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