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One of the largest countries in the world, Argentina’s breathtaking landscape and scenery have made it grow in popularity with tourists across the board – from gap-year students to those seeking a bit of luxury – for the last two decades. Declared independent from Spain in 1816, Argentina has had an explosive political past including the notorious Falkland Island Conflict in the 1980s. Hiring a car during a visit to Argentina is the simplest way to access some of the harder-to-reach places in the country. Argentina is also the ideal springboard for dips into other South American countries, such as Uruguay.

The pride felt by Argentineans in being from their homeland is met day to day – and understandable. The country has contributed more than its fair share to invention in the twentieth century – including the ballpoint pen and the coronary bypass. Some outstanding figures in literature, such as Jorge Luis Borges and Julio Cortazar, have come from this area. From the northernmost part of the country, close to the border with Bolivia, you can negotiate your way down the full length of the country – which stands at 3500km. The vitality of Argentenian culture is fully expressed in Buenos Aires, its capital, which provides visitors with the full South American City experience and, of course, ample opportunity to see some of the finest football teams in the world as well as the official Argentinian sport, ‘pato’, which is played on horseback. Aside from this, you can also soak up the heritage of some of the most charismatic figures in twentieth century politics, such as Eva Peron and Che Guevara. For those who wish to take a step outside of city life, you can also tour down to the wonderful Lake District which offers some views of the outstanding natural beauty for which Argentina is also known.

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